Wednesday, January 28, 2015

East TIDE Defends Dual City Titile

East TIDE Middle School Girls defended their Title Tuesday night at the BMHS Natatorium, with West TIDE coming in 4th with a very strong showing. This is Beloit TIDE's 5th Title since 2009.
           East and West One Family 

All Beloit Swimmers swam very well with many lifetime and season bests. Beloit Swimmers won 5 of 9 events and had many strong swims in the events we did not take 1st place in. Beloit (EAST & WEST)  dominated the Individual Medley and skill events.

Final Score:
Beloit East TIDE 190
Janesville Marshall 135
Janesville Edison 119
Beloit West TIDE 99
Janesville Franklin 72

Top Eight Finishers:

200 Medley Relay
2nd East TIDE A Faith Sill, Amaya Bessel, Katie Landon, Jenny Aldama
3rd East TIDE B Jayda Bessel, Sydney Prowse, Noa Levy, Kate Gianvecchio
8th West TIDE A Prasia Jackson, Ashley Peterson, Lulu Champeny-Johns, Gabbi Porter

     Katie Landon swims Breaststroke leg

150 Free
1st Sophie Roth ET 1:53.04
2nd Katie Kraemer ET 1:56.65
3rd Mazi Dabson WT 2:02.75
7th Ashley Peterson WT 2:20.96

100 IM
2nd Amaya Bessel ET 1:14.28
3rd Lulu Champeny-Johns WT 1:20.94
5th Jayda Bessel ET 1:21.83
6th Prasia Jackson WT 1:26.96

50 Free
1st Mazi Dabson WT 31.66
2nd Jenny Aldama ET 31.70
7th Kate Gianvecchio ET 33.70

50 Butterfly
2nd Katie Landon ET 31.17
3rd Lulu Champeny-Johns WT 35.45
4th Caroline Santas ET 40.41
8th Ashley Peterson WT 45.80

100 Free
1st Amya Bessel ET 1:02.50
2nd Sophie Roth ET 1:10.73
3rd Bea Champeny-Johns WT 1:13.34

50 Back 
2nd Faith Sill ET 34.28
3rd Jayda Bessel ET 37.53
7th Prasia Jackson WT 41.28

50 Breast
1st Sydney Prowse ET 40.23
4th Noa Levy ET 40.81
6th Bea Champeny-Johns WT 45.54

200 Free Relay
1st East TIDE A Jenny Aldama, Faith Sill, Kate Gianvecchio, Katie Landon 2:02.99
3rd East TIDE B Katie Kraemer, Sophie Roth, Noa Levy, Sydney Prowse 2:08.97
5th West TIDE A Anna Braxton, Lynsey Turner, Bea Champeny-Johns, Mazi Dabson 2:17.99
7th West TIDE B Emily Davis, Gabi Potter, Gabrielle Traver, Sydney Jacobs 2:39.91


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Summary of Weekend

With 8 swimmers at a Jazz Band Contest at UW-LaCrosse and the flu bug hitting the team. We took the opportunity to move swimmers around for the second week in a row. This gave kids a chance to swim events they normally would not get a chance to swim and be successful some where else.

Friday night with all the changes we made the Double Dual with Middleton and Madison East was very successful.

Final Scores:
Beloit 93.5 East 76.5
Middleton 111 Beloit 58

1st Place vs. Madison East

200 Free: Christian Schober (Swept event 1,2,3)
200 IM: Omar Cancino (Swept event 1,2,3) this was Omar's first varsity 1st place
100 Free: Jackson Prowse
500 Free: Justin Stanton (Swept event 1,2,3)
200 Free: Relay: Stanton, Andrew DeKok, Prowse, Schober

The TIDE had many lifetime bests and overall technically good swims. Our stroke and turn efficiency is getting very smooth.

Saturday Platteville Invitational at UW Platteville Natatorium.

Finished 5th with 7 of 13 swimmers Medaling. (Top 8 Individuals)
Again Strong in the Individual Medley and Skill events. Again like Friday Night lots of Personal and Seasonal Bests.
Depth is growing (:

200 Free 5th - Andrew DeKok 2:01.93
Fr/Soph 100 IM - Jackson Prowse 3rd 1:04.62, Ryan Santas 8th 1:08.62
200 IM 5th - Jason Schroeder 2:19.00
100 Fly - Christian Schober 5th 1:01.51, Justin Stanton 6th 1:01. 95, Jarrett Malizio 8th 1:09.02
100 Free 7th - Andrew DeKok 55.02
100 Back 7th - Christian Schober 59.76
100 Breast 8th - Jackson Prowse 1:10.56

Jason Schroeder Fly in the 200 IM

Overall Good Weekend, We Learned A Lot (:

One Week of Two a Days Left.

Beyond Beloit Proud!!!

Friday, January 23, 2015

High School Boys Practice Schedule Week of 1/26/14 (19 Days to Sectionals)

19 Days to Sectionals
Last Week of Morning Practices
(No JV Meet Swimmers go to Mornings)
I am trying to schedule addition Yoga Times for this week.

6:00-7:20am Lift and Swim
3:45-6:00pm Goal Setting and Swim
J.V. done at 5:00

6:00-7:20am Insanity and Swim
Noon - 4:00 Focus Training and Swim
J.V. done at 2:30
Set up for Middle School Girls Conference
Need Most of you to Time at the meet.

6:00-7:20am Yoga and Swim
J.V. Done at 5:00

6:00-7:20am Last Insanity and Swim (No JV Meet Swimmers)
2:00 J.V. gets out of Class
2:30 Bus
Big 8 JV Conference Sun Prairie (we will come straight home, pack a lunch)
3:45-6:00 Varsity Swim

6:00-7:20am Yoga and Swim
3:45-6:00pm Practice

Madison Invitational
Team Meeting 11:00
Bus 11:30
Meet 3:00
After Meet we will go to Ians's Pizza by UW Campus

Beyond Beloit Proud!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Solid Weekend for TIDE

More information to come when I get home.

MANTY Medalist 
Jackson Prowse, Andrew DeKok, Jason Schroeder, Christian Schober, Adrian Scowicz, Justin Stanton 

Friday, January 16, 2015

High School Practice Schedule Week of 1/19/15

Days to Sectionals
Will you be Ready??

Martin Luther King Day
No Practice 

6:00-7:20am (Insanity)

6:00-7:20am (Yoga)

6:00-7:20am (Insanity)
Middle School Swim Meet (will need you help setting up and working)

6:00-7:20 Stroke and Turn Drills 
Middleton and Madison East at East
Get out of Class 2:00pm
Bus Leaves 2:30
Meet 5:30

Platteville Invite
Team Meeting 7:15AM
Bus 7:30AM
Warm-up 9:15am
Meet 11:00am


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Practice Schedule Week of 1/12

6:00-7:20 Yoga and stroke Drills
3:45-6:00 Individual Goals and Swim

6:00-7:20 Insanity and Stroke Drills
Home Middle School Meet
5:30-7:00 High School Practice 
5:30 Little TIDE

6:00-7:20 Lifting and Stroke Drills 
3:45-6:00 Focus Practice and Swim

6:00-7:20 Insanity and Drills 
Rock County Championship
Pool set-up 3:45
Warm-up 4:00
Meet 5:00

No Morning Practice 
Sun Praire Away
Get out of class 2:00
Bus 2:30
Meet 5:30

Manitowoc Invite
Team Meeting 6:45am
Bus 7:00
Meet Noon